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Digital Wire-free Benefits

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WisDom features and benefits

The WisDom Digital Wire-free system has been selected by UK Secure Homes to offer maximum benefits in fitting and use. Easy to operate by keypad, voice, or remotely by phone, it can be flexibly programmed to suit your family's needs and even protect cars or caravans (non-supervised). For further details, please contact us.

  • No wiring - won't damage existing decor
  • Easy to upgrade to cover a future extension
  • Easy to relocate - we will install into your new home.
  • Self-contained power pack in case of electrical failure.
  • Class 2 system as per latest ACPO policy
  • Qualifies for a unique police reference number (URN)

RISCO Group WisDom control panel

Technical features

  • No wiring - won't damage existing decor
  • 32 wireless zones + 1 wired zone
  • 3 partitions/areas
  • LCD with Integrated Voice capabilities
  • Built-in 85dB internal siren, plus 500mA external siren driver
  • 4 programmable outputs: two 3A relays, two 70mA OC
  • 250 event log
  • 868 MHz
  • Program transfer module - for quick installation of identical systems and backup
  • Up to 2 additional wireless keypads
  • Up to 8 rolling-code 4 button key fobs
  • Panic Set
  • Message recorder
  • Emergency panic button - Police and fire

RISCO Group WisDom control panel

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