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“Look after your home, your possessions and yourself. Choose the right security system .” - UKSH.

Everyone worries about their security and with good cause - the risks of accidental fall, fire, flood, carbon monoxide poisoning, medical emergency and burglary are high. With a UK Secure Homes monitored security system you could reduce the risk and save up to 40% on your homeowner insurance.

Britain is the burglary capital of Europe

Every year up to 21% of the population - that's over 14 million of us - will suffer the trauma of being exposed to crime in our homes - burglary, theft or personal assault. When this occurs the number one priority is to secure our home, possessions and ourselves from future threats. Surveys have shown that over 50% of victims will be re-burgled within 3 months of the initial attack.
Systems that give advance and/or early warning of such life-threatening events can be deemed as priceless.

But how do consumers buy the right system and who can they trust?

Choosing the right security system - monitored systems are a must.

The years of relying on the police to answer your calls for help or to respond to your 99 bells-only system are over.
Police were ordered in 1997 to stop responding to bells only systems in a attempt to cut costs. Thus, bells-only systems are made useless in the fight against crime and no longer act as an effective deterrent to criminals.

House and Contents Insurance - get monitored to get insured.

Insurers are now demanding "monitored systems" for the victims or crime who make a claim - a bit like the demands in the 90s for car alarms and immobilizers to get insured.
For the lucky few, the non-victims of crime, a vast reduction in your house and contents insurance is available if you invest in a monitored system.

Why choose UK Secure Homes?

From the day of professional home security system installation through ongoing alarm monitoring and follow-up care, prompt and dependable service is just a phone call away.
  • Free home demonstration and risk assessment
  • Fitted and maintained to highest NACCOS Gold and ACPO standards
  • Continuous monitoring and maintenance care and support for approximatley 1 a day
  • Monitoring fee guaranteed not to rise for 60 months

How secure is your home?

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